1. "The poetry question, especially when we are dealing with a song, has to do with how a writer uses language— and his music will be part of his language— to make words do things they ordinarily do not do, with how he tests the limits of language and alters and extends the conventional impact of images, or rescues resources of language that we have lost or destroyed."

    Greil Marcus

    Mystery Train: Images of America in Rock ‘n’ Roll Music

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    Kyoto, 1951 (photo by Werner Bischof)

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    Italo Calvino was offered the 1985–1986 term of the prestigious Charles Eliot Norton Professorship of Poetry at Harvard. He died weeks before he was scheduled to deliver his lectures, but working on them, his wife recalls, was the obsession of his final months.

    Calvino’s manuscripts for the lectures, in which he looks back on “the millennium of the book” and peers forward into what the future might hold for “the expressive, cognitive, and imaginative possibilities” of language and literature, were his last legacy. 

    Here is Calvino’s enduring wisdom from the first lecture, a magnificent meditation on lightness

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    What. Is. Her. Name.

    Thanks to a follower for finding this: Her name is Venus Green.

    From this article:

    In July 2009, Green’s grandson, Tallie, was shot and wounded. Tallie said he was shot at a convenience store, but police insisted it happened inside Green’s house and that the shooter was either Tallie or Green.

    "Police kept questioning him. They wouldn’t let the ambulance attendant treat him," Green said. "So, I got up and said, ‘Sir, would you please let the attendants treat him? He’s in pain,’" Green said.

    Green said the officer said to her, “Oh, you did it, come on, let’s go inside. I’ll prove where that blood is. You did it.”

    Police wanted to go the basement, where Tallie lived, but Green refused on the basis that the police did not have a warrant.

    "I said, ‘No, you don’t have a warrant. You don’t go down in my house like that. He wasn’t shot in here.’" Green said the officer replied, "I’m going to find that gun. I’m going to prove that you did it."

    A struggle ensued between a male officer and Green.

    "He dragged me, threw me across the chair, put handcuffs on me and just started calling me the ‘b’ name. He ridiculed me," Green said.

    An officer went into the basement and Green locked him inside.

    "She locked the door, the basement door. She basically took matters into her own hands," Nilson said.

    "This was my private home, and if I latched it, that was my prerogative because he had no search warrant to go in my basement. So, I had to right to latch it," Green said.

    Green said she suffered a separated shoulder in the scuffle, and she sued the Police Department for assault and violations of her rights.

    "I was once a block watcher, department head of a high school. (I’ve) been around education for over 50 years. (I’m a) law-abiding citizen, I’ve never been arrested, I paid my taxes, owned my home, my husband died 34 years ago. (I) raised my son and I have been brutally abused," Green said. "I feel like the Police Department needs to go back to school."

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  8. "Met the cutest girl today. Her eyes were gentle, like the light from a phone screen and her smile glowed, like the light from a phone screen"
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